Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Sao tome and Principe: Prepare for turtle immersion" Independent, UK

This West African island nation might be tiny, but it has acres of natural and cultural appeal, as Mike Unwin discovers during his visit to a unique retreat.

"I am still lost in the magic of the moment as we turn for home. So lost, in fact, that I don't immediately register my companions pointing excitedly at the sand. A fine stippling reveals where a clutch of green turtle eggs has hatched moments earlier. Infuriatingly, it seems we've just missed the exodus of hatchlings. But then Cau emerges into the torchlight, holding up a single flipper-flailing straggler between thumb and forefinger. We admire this exquisite little creature for a minute then return it to the sand. It scrambles down the runway of our torch beams and is swallowed by the surf", 

Article written by Mike Unwin in the Independent, UK Sunday May 11, 2014