Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Show at the Cacau space

Some pics of the show at the Cacau space. Melissa, Cynthu, Allison and Jess got great comments and lots of congratulations. Small group but a wonderful exhibition! Thanks guys for your beautiful drawings and scuptures!
Hip hip hip hurray!
Cynthu's work.
Melissa and Cynthu preparing the show.
Allison and some of her nice sketches.
Allison's wooden piece.
Melissa's spot.
Melissa posing with Tiago, friend and translator.
Jess talking with the coordinator of the 7th Biennial of São Tomé and Príncipe which will take place in November 2013 with the participation of African, Brazilian and European artists.
Ju, Ester, Jess and Engracio.
Posters created by students of Alain's class (Sophomore I, Fall 12).
Makeba, a Santomean designer who creates objects and hats based on vegetable fiber.

Photography session at the MICA show.

The exhibition of Melissa, Allison, Jess and Cynthu served as a stage for a photography session run by a Brazilian photographer. Subsequently, the photos will be published in a promotional catalog of local craftsmen. This project was supported by the Brazilian Embassy.
Ester and Emilzania, two craftswomen who use wood bark and tree leaves to dye fabrics. It's all handmade and the result is terrific as you can see! She would be delighted to work with MICA students at a professional level.
Ju, another famous craftswoman.

Friendly Santomean people

If you are hungry for human encounters, São Tomé is a place for you. Everywhere, you will meet cheerful and easy going people, And you can always count on Tiago to translate the message.
Cynthu sketching in Neves.
Melissa doing the same on the other side of the tree.
Allison dancing Puita, a traditional music, with a friendly old woman in Santana village.
Melissa and Allison looking at some fresh fishes in Angolares.
Allison with a eighty years old Cape-Verdean gentleman in Agua Izé.
Cynthu at Engracio's home. People very easily invite you home to share a dish, a drink or just a friendly talk. That evening, we also dance on the beat of some Kizomba music.

Kids in São Tomé and Príncipe

Writers and Artists from São Tomé.

Cynthu interviewing the Santomean journalist and writer, Maria da Conceição de Deus Lima, knows as São Lima. Her last book, A Dolorosa Raiz do Micondó, contains twenty-seven poems and was published in 2006 by the Portuguese publisher Editorial Caminho of Lisbon.

Eduardo Malé, painter, sculptor and teacher.
Senhor Mascarenhas, a mechanic that shows for the first time some drawings that he does during his free time. These drawings are small treasures of delicacy and attention related to the daily life of Santomean people. Please, Mr Mascarenhas, keep working!
Tomé Coelho, leader of the craftsman, opening is new craft store at the Cacau space.
For years now, he worked with MICA students.

Micolo - North of São Tomé