Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tchiloli Florentina de Caixão grande.

Lunch time

During our stay, we usually have lunch with the locals. Everyone has rice, bananas, chicken, fresh fishes and lot of fruits, and it's never a problem to cook for 5, 10 or 20 persons.
At Engracio's place. Engracio is one of the craftsman who works with the students.
Bread fruit and "Cua-Cua", a fish pretty common during the Gravana season. 
In Neves. 
Praia Gamboa
Fruta pão
 (Bread fruit)
Garoupa (Grouper)

Craft studio Pica-Pau

As usual, Engrácio Thomas, Dio, Augustine and Will, the wooden craftsmen helped the MICA students to design their pieces. Both Melissa and Allison, decided to depict scenes of the daily life of Sao Tome. 
Will and Allison working on Allison's wooden piece.
 Work in progress.  
Melissa's piece. Work in progress.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Field trip

North of the Island.
Neves, West coast of Sao Tome.
Mellissa and Allison visiting a beautiful abandoned dryer in Ponta Figo.
"Senzalas" (House employees) in Ponta Figo plantation. A Senzala was a great accommodation which was intended to house the slaves of the plantations.
Nap on the way back.

Handmade paper

Jess and Cynthu have learned to use different plants of Sao Tome such as banana trees to make paper. All the process is handmade with no chemicals.
Once dried, the leaves produced by this workshop are sold in a shop (subsidized by the Embassy of Brazil) at the Cacau space.

Program 2013

Welcome to São Tomé e Príncipe!
Cynthu, Jess and Melissa in Angolares.
Cynthu, Allison, Melissa and Jess with Tiago, their translator.