Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Friendly Santomean people

If you are hungry for human encounters, São Tomé is a place for you. Everywhere, you will meet cheerful and easy going people, And you can always count on Tiago to translate the message.
Cynthu sketching in Neves.
Melissa doing the same on the other side of the tree.
Allison dancing Puita, a traditional music, with a friendly old woman in Santana village.
Melissa and Allison looking at some fresh fishes in Angolares.
Allison with a eighty years old Cape-Verdean gentleman in Agua Izé.
Cynthu at Engracio's home. People very easily invite you home to share a dish, a drink or just a friendly talk. That evening, we also dance on the beat of some Kizomba music.