Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cultural events/Performances/Ceremonies - 2 -

City of Assomada, Cape Verde, where we attended a ceremony of “Batuqueiras” (Band of percussionist women)The batuque is probably the oldest musical genre in Cape Verde.
More information about the Music in Cape Verde here.

Kwame Sousa' studio. Kwame lives and works in Sao Tome, but regularly exhibits his work in Africa, Europe and the USA.

“Dança Congo”, one of the Sao Tome’s most popular dramatic ceremony in Sao-Tome. The performance took place at Angolares, south of the island, the place by excellence for  “Dança Congo”. It's is a combination of music, dance and theatre.  
Tchilôli - Tragédia do Marquês de Mântua e do Imperador Carloto Magno