Monday, February 27, 2012

Just do it!

            - Create your own Fashion/Theater/Dance piece 
                             and play it on stage. 
           Young Saotomean people would love to be part of your project and to help you
                                           with the Set design/Costume design/etc. 

         - Discover and be inspired for your Concept Art project 
              by lost plantations surrounded by the jungle.

               - Design prototypes of wooden toys/sculptures with the help of craftsmen.

- You will be able to paint, to write, to film, to take pictures and
          to realize narrative projects such as Graphic novel, 
      Visual journalism, Children’s book, Illustrated book, etc.

This Summer Trip Program in São Tomé will give you all these opportunities.
                 You will return with amazing treasure for future creations!

                  The registration and scholarship information are available
                    to download at